Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wheat flour Modak


For the modak -
1 cup wheat flour
1 cup water
1 tsp oil
pinch of salt

For the filling:
1 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup grated /powdered jaggery
1/4 tsp ealichi powder
Preparing the filling:
In a saucepan melt the jaggery and add the grated coconut, elaichi.
Continue stirring till the water from the mixture evaporates, till the mixture becomes quite dry.
Switch off the flame and keep the mixture covered and set it aside.

For the outer covering of the modak:

Take water in a kadhai and heat it. When the water comes to a boil, add salt and oil and switch off the flame.
Add the wheat flour (atta) to the water and keep stirring to ensure that no lumps are formed. As you keep stirring, after a while, you will get a dough which is neither too sticky nor too dry.
Now keep the dough in a covered vessel and wait for it to cool down.
Transfer the dough onto a flat surface.
Grease your hands with oil/ghee and knead the dough to make it more softer.It is best to make modaks when the dough is slightly warm.
Divide the dough into small, equal portions and roll each portion into a palm sized,thin puris.
Put 1 tsp of the filling in the centre of the rolled out circles (puris)
Apply oil on the outer edge of the circle (puri) and fold/pleat on all sides.
Bring the folds/pleats together on top and seal it to form a peak.
The completed modak looks like a whole garlic pod.
Place the modaks on a greased plate without touching each other.
Steam it for 15 minutes.
Serve the modaks hot with a drizzle of ghee.


Chitra said...

oh,wheat flour modak? nice idea:)we do with channa dal..looks yummmm..

Chitra said...

wheat flour modak is a good idea.we do with channa dal.. ..will try this

Superchef said...

the modaks really do look delicious!! though i make them with rice flour always..never tried wheat flour till now..


Its new for me too and sounds good too!
Like the way you have folded...wonder how,will try next time ;D

Suparna said...

Hi chitra...the wheat flour part of the recipe would surprise many :) my amma used to make quikie modaks for me with wheat flour quite often when I was a kid.( she used to make it with usual chapati dough, I used the soft dough method)It tastes good too! actually you know one doesn't miss the authentic taste of modak by using wheat flour.Try it some time :) TC

Suparna said...

Hi Raji,

It tastes good too!
lol...I still have to perfect the folding bit.. :) I am really glad you liked it...Thanks for the compli.. :) TC

Suparna said...

Hi Superchef,

Try it...you'll like it :)

Namrata Kini said...

Simple and easy Modaks. That churna(filling) is making my mouth water.

Poonam said...

yummy modaks!!! and nice finishing..keep it up

Usha said...

We normally make this with rice flour, loved the idea of making modak with wheat flour....looks fantastic :-)

Gayathri said...

Looks really delicious!!!

I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 - check out this link for details - http://justurs.blogspot.com/2009/02/magnificent-click-contest-2009.html contest.

Suparna said...

Poonam thanks for the compli :) TC

Usha - Ya u r right..modaks are made with rice flour or maida...this is a quikie method my Amma used for making modaks for me quite often when I was a kid :)

Gayathri, Thanks for the visit and appreciation :)

I would love to be a part of the contest...I'll send my entries soon.TC

Sia said...

love those little beauties :)

Suparna said...

Hey Sia,
Thanks for the visit :)Hope to see you more often.